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Reminder that just because someone knows English and speaks it fluently it doesn’t mean that they know the stigmas or the cultural importance of all the words.

A lot of us take in the language from things other than what is taught at school. We learn how to react when we get angry or frustrated from action movies and hospital tv shows and as a result we might not know any other way to express that emotion than by swearing. We might accidentally use slurs because we didn’t know they were seen as such, because the word in our language doesn’t carry the same emotion, or the translation was off. We might use strange, sexual or outdated phrases because we hear them in songs and think they’re common and okay to say or because we’re not familiar with all the idioms. We might use words or phrases that have great importance for certain groups or events because we don’t know the country’s history that well and therefore don’t know why repeating them is not okay. We might mistranslate our own idioms and accidentally say something we really didn’t mean to.

Learning a language is a process, and learning the cultural contexts for even one country takes a lot of time. It is also sadly left as the last task on the to-learn list.
Correct us if we are being offensive and teach us the reason why so we know not to use the words and can tell our friends too. Correct us if we repeatedly make the same mistakes or if we are causing trouble or making you uncomfortable without realising it. But please don’t assume we’re being offensive or mean on purpose. 
We are still learning and we are doing our best, so please don’t discourage us from speaking a non-native language by being hateful. Politely correcting our indiscretions is the best way to help us evolve and learn. Thank you.

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